Cartoons are made from drawing or painting the character and playing a scene where the character is doing or is in. Cartoons also have music in them. Cartoons have changed a lot over the years. They are probably still changing know. Many cartoons show happily ever after or events from history to what has happened in the present. Disney has made some of the most famous cartoons – Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, Tarzan, Mulan, Snow White just to name a few. Cartoons are usually always on T.V.

Cartoons in fine arts play a prominent role in making caricatures and also arts based on cartoon shows, such cartoon arts have high demand in many countries. Many Cartoon shows promote their videos in the form of arts too like a painting that particular characters in the show and posting them on social sites and they gain popularity.

Cartoons in journalism, Cartoons, particularly editorial or political cartoons, make use of the elements of caricature. Journalists sometimes forget that words are not the only way to tell a story. From the few past decades cartoon journals are more popular in every country, even now we can witness their work in newspapers. Cartoon journals should have great creative talent that makes viewers attract to the journal cartoons. Cartoons in newspapers portray the exact characterization of different situations like political, films, sports etc.,

Humorous cartoons have a high impact on children and youth, as they get attracted to the comics by reading and also by watching cartoon shows. Walt Disney is the godfather for such cartoon shows platform, as many cartoon shows have been telecasting from a decade and they are getting famous day by day. Cartoons like Tom and Jerry, Ducktales, Dexters Laboratory are the popular shows in 20’s and still exists as favorites for children.


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